In this economic climate more and more people are choosing to downsize and Easy Self Store can offer you the perfect way to accommodate your belongings that you may no longer have space for.

Easy self store allows you to benefit from downsizing, whilst still allowing you to keep hold of your treasures, photographs, furniture and many more items that you may not need right now. Downsizing enables you to save money on rent or mortgage repayments, gas, electricity and other utility bills, but unfortunately this can mean that you no longer have the space you need for all of your belongings.

Self storage allows you to keep hold of your belongings at an affordable price whilst still enables you to benefit from the money saved. Our professional and secure service ensures you’re possessions are safe 24/7 with our on site security and CCTV system, giving you peace of mind that your goods are safe whilst you enjoy the money you have saved.

An increasing number of customers throughout Hull and East Yorkshire are choosing to downsize and use our services to secure their goods. Email or call us on 01482 440044 to discuss how we can help you accommodate your belongings when you move.