Did you know that space is getting bigger?

Scientists have known for a while that space is getting bigger and have put together many complicated hypotheses to test and answer this phenomenon.

What does seem clear though is that space is made up of dark matter or anti-gravity which is causing the universe to expand rapidly but this same effect is not doing the same to our homes and work places.

If you are having to create more space for your home or office there are many things that you can do which are far simpler than trying to understand anti-gravity, or introducing dark matter into your home or understanding why the universe is expanding.

Some ideas for creating more space in your home or office

  • If you are struggling to solve your space issues at home or work you could be ruthless and stop hoarding so much.  Do you really need that stuff that might be useful almost never?
  • If you are hoarding stuff in your home or office such as paperwork, books, DVDs etc you could invest in a better filing systems and shelfing. For this to work though it is better if you can ensure your family or colleagues are on board on the same space saving mission.
  • And finally, and this isn’t rocket science either, you could rent a custom built self-storage unit with Easy Self Store (our universe).  We can pick up your precious belongings and store them in our affordable, safe and secure premises in Hull.  You can arrange a time to deliver your belongings to our easy to locate depot in central Hull or we can pick them up and package ourselves. Similarly, you can pick up your belongings or arrange for us to bring them back.

We are here to help. But please don’t ask us any difficult questions about the universe.

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